Trey Daniels comes from humble beginnings in Tampa, FL and has emerged to be one of the top Saxophonists in the music industry. The story behind his unique approach to music starts with a miraculous, premature birth. Born at just 2 lbs. 8 oz., as an infant he was unable to use his own lungs to breathe – so, he says, “It’s truly a miracle that I am able to do what I do today and also the reason I perform with such passion, energy and honesty.”


For Trey, those divine blessings have abounded throughout this past year as he’s experienced numerous career breakthroughs. “86th St.,” a bright and infectious, funk-filled ode to his roots growing up in the Progress Village area in Tampa, Florida – and the lead single from his debut album reached #24 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz chart. In Summer 2017, he became Anita Baker’s solo Saxophonist for her Farewell Concert Series Tour, and regaled her fans – who became instant fans of his - all summer and into the fall with his solo spotlights on classics like “Giving You The Best That I Got,” “Same Ole Love,” “Mystery” and “You Bring Me Joy.”

True to its forward-thinking title, Daniels’ debut album, EVOLVE, places Trey in the spotlight, primed for a musical journey that reflects the title of one of its songs, “Beyond the Border.” The “Border” reflects boundaries that people can place on themselves that stunt their individual growth. Daniels’ message is simple: Everything you are looking for is already inside of you. “Hone into your craft to turn your passion into purpose.”  In addition to his distinct retro-meets neo soul/funk trademark sound, Daniels and his producer, Paul Anderson, focus on sizzling horn textures, mystical exotica, hints of straight-ahead jazz, touches of R&B and Hip-Hop, and even a splash of the classical arts.

Trey continues to be one of the country’s premier National Anthem performers for the MLB, NBA and NFL, with performances for the Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons, Brooklyn Nets, Tampa Bay Rays, Washington Nations, Memphis Grizzlies, Atlanta Braves, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Hawks and Los Angeles Clippers.  

“To succeed in a competitive music industry, an artist has to have a distinctive sound that’s attached to a defining story,” says Trey. “Nobody has a story like mine, where as a young child I overcame those lung problems and with faith and years of dedication became a hard-working musician and artist. As an instrumental artist, I am able to convey emotions beyond what lyrics could do and bring the audience along for the emotional journey.”

A dynamic, infectious live performer and band leader, Trey creates an exciting synergy with his audience and enjoys the impromptu nature of certain moments where his band and the crowd feed off each other’s powerful dual energy. Unlike artists who perform each show essentially the same way, Trey says that his fans “should be prepared for anything.”

Trey currently lives in Atlanta, GA. Thank you for continuing to support Trey along his musical journey and keep a look out for TD coming to a city near you!