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trey daniels music


Alto Saxophonist Trey Daniels’ multi-faceted artistry is influenced by an old school Gospel Jazz vibe. Although having played every Sunday when he was growing up, at New Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in his hometown of Tampa, the spiritual side of Daniels’ musical soul comes from an even deeper place than most Christian-raised musicians.

Born at 2 lbs., 8 ounces, as an infant he was unable to use his own lungs to breathe – so, he says, “It’s truly a miracle that I am able to do what I do today, and a testament to the grace of God. It’s also the reason I am able to play with such passion, energy and honesty.”


Trey is currently on tour with Anita Baker. Any other performances will be added underneath. Thank you for continuing to support Trey during his musical journey!